CT films

Dental CT imaging uses x-ray technology and a computer to produce 3D images of the teeth and jaw bone, it is usually used for pre-dental implant procedure and complicated fully impacted tooth procedure. The CT photo shows the thickness of the bone, bone quality and bone density. It also shows the jaw joints for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Jaw tomographic cuts for implants, impacted teeth and bone graft.
  • TMJ Jaw Joints
  • Maxillary sinus
  • Axial sinus
  • Coronal sinus

CT filming is done in a sitting position and takes approximately 20 seconds.

For your convenience, we work in coordination and cooperation with laboratories that specialize in performing “surgical dam” for implants. The CT films can be transferred to the “DENPAX” web site that allows the specialist dentist to get measurements and perform imaging of implants on the images. For more information go to: www.denpax.co.il